* The FUNdamentals of Character Voice Overs - 1 Day Workshop
Elise Baughman

* The FUNdamentals of Character Voice Overs - 1 Day Workshop

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This one-day workshop, being held on Saturday, July 16th, in Dallas, Texas, is being taught by actress and VO coach Elise Baughman and international improv performer/teacher Jonathan Pitts. This is a one-time only, live, in-person workshop on creating and developing character voices for voice overs. 

The workshop is from 10AM - 4PM CST.

This fun, informative, and hands-on workshop - available for actors of any level of experience - will take place at Rick Robertson's studio, Antic Productions. The day will consist of:

- Learning unique techniques of improv and voice over.

- Learning how to create and develop different characters that can be used in any audition or voice over gig.

- Recording character script in the studio (with recordings later emailed to you).

- And much more!

We will also have a special visit from award-winning voice actor Rick Robertson! Anime fans know him as the voice of Dabura on DBZ and Yomi on Yu Yu Hakusho.

Lunch will also be provided. 

The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please register with an email you check regularly. Additional details, including studio address and lunch info, will be emailed to you after registration is processed.

We look forward to having you in class. And we look forward to the FUN!!!

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